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Smellwell leopard blue
Smellwell leopard blue
Smellwell leopard blue
Smellwell leopard blue
Smellwell leopard blue

SmellWell Leopard Blue


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• EFFECTIVE ODOR ELIMINATOR: Developed by Swedish scientists and athletes designed to remove bad smells from the source. SMELLWELL inserts are infused with a fresh scent leaving your gear clean & crisp. • 3X MOISTURE ABSORBER: Their blend of fine grind activated Moso bamboo charcoal and minerals absorbs moisture faster than regular charcoal and is therefore proven to be more effective than competitive formulas. • CONVENIENT EVERYDAY USE: Simply place inserts into gym bags, sports gear, boxing gloves, closets, cars and much more and they will get to work immediately absorbing moisture and smell. • ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT: Natural Moso bamboo charcoal and minerals made from sustainable and recycled materials, safe and non- toxic.